Statistically one of the greatest athletes in Philadelphia history, former Chunky Soup salesman Donovan McNabb will forever be bashed for his inability to win the big game. However, it seems Mc-Flab and the City of Brotherly Love can FINALLY agree on something...Tony Romo's contract.

Thanks to Jerry Jones' viciously misguided approach to running a professional football team, we may never see the Cowboys win a playoff game again (assuming Mr. Jerry Wipe himself is indeed around forever, which seems a real possibility every time we catch a glimpse of his embalmed, corpse-like smile). Keep this in mind; the Cowboys just gave a guy with one whole playoff win the second most guaranteed cash in NFL history (Tom Brady, $57 million; Tony Romo, $55 million; Drew Brees, $55 million: Joe Flacco, $51 million, per NFL guru Adam Shefter).

In the end, all credit goes to McNabb for epitomizing literally every single reaction to Romo's only true victory...cashing in on a heinous six-year, $108 million extension...Though McKayla Maroney is still less impressed.