Though the Knicks (and us) may be enjoying a league-high six game winning streak, their ancient and storied roster can still provide endless amusement, if you have the right conversation.

I decided to talk some Knicks basketball with my cousin recently, despite knowing full well that he hasn't followed the NBA since the early 2000's. The ensuing conversation was nothing short of hilarious. (Note this was shortly after the win against the Jazz to start the streak).

"I know you don't really follow anymore, but the Knicks have been killing it the past couple games, let's watch a few quarters."

"That's pretty sweet, I'm down. Who's on the Knicks this year anyway?"

"Besides Melo? Kurt Thomas had a pretty big game for us last week..."

"Wait, Kurt Thomas?! Isn't he, like, 50 now? He was on the team in the 99' finals wasn't he?"

"Yup, that's the guy, oldest player in the NBA. He's been on like six other teams."

"Holy shit. I didn't realize you could play that long. Who else do they have?"

"Well, theres Marcus Camby..."

"Camby?? He's still on the team? I used to play as him in NBA2k2!"

"Oh no, this is his first year back with us. He's played for a bunch of teams since then."

"What is he now, like 37??"

"38, and he's not even the second oldest guy on the team...Jason Kidd is 39, and...."

"Wait - the guy from the Nets? What the fuck??!"

"He hasn't been a Net for a while. He won a title with the Mavs a few years ago. We've also got Kenyon Martin!"

"Ok is this the oldest team in the league or some shit?"

"Dead right! You'll never guess the last old guy either."


"Rasheed Wallace"

"Okay, now you're fucking with me!"

"I swear! We also have the Argentinian national point guard. He's 35. And a 28 year old rookie."

".....fuck off."

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