How much longer must we suffer the indignities of having Roger "Safety First" Goodell in office? To date, Roger Goodell has been worse for the NFL's product, than the NCAA is at maintaining the "integrity" of college sports, and that's really saying something.

From absurd fines, to the referee lockout and all the new bitch rules being instituted by the NFL, Goodell has slowly been ruining the sport we all love as Americans. Yesterday the fans got their biggest slap in the face yet, in the form of an unspeakably stupid rule about running backs using their heads to hit defenders.

This new rule will institute a 15-yard penalty if the referee judges a ball carrier to have "used the crown of his head" to hit a defender. Oh good. So these blind, old dancing men who can't tell the difference between roughing the passer and pass interference, are going to have full discretion to make these calls?? That should be a ton of fun to watch. NOT.

If the league's motivations were truly centered around player safety, I'd still grumble, but I'd have to keep my mouth shut. This is not the case. The NFL owners and their puppet  are doing this purely to protect their pockets from future concussion lawsuits.

Well that's just great. They get to be kajillionaires whether or not they get sued, and the common folk have to watch the beloved NFL become the National Flag Football League.

I'm so glad that my favorite sport is going to become unwatchable so that you can get sick rims for the landing gear on your private jet Robert Kraft.

Mike Brown, owner of the Cincinnati Bengals, is the only owner with a set of balls - he said the same things I'm saying here - it's integral to being a running back, the refs cannot possibly officiate this rule consistently or fairly, and it makes the game WORSE. Bravo to you Mike Brown. You are a hero.

Rodger Goodell and the other 31 owners - go to hell.