As alumni of the State University of New York at Albany, we'd sure like to think so. 

As sports bloggers without brain damage, we're keeping our hopes in check.

Our beloved alma mater gave us an actual reason to raise a glass this past weekend (except for that holiday), when they won the America East Conference by defeating University of Vermont 53-49.

Though UA's frentic final stand on defense filled an entire room of screaming alumni with pride, the real test will be against a team that people actually watch. 

This Friday's round 1 opponent will be Duke - the number 2 team in the nation. It is no insult to the boys in purple to say that the Great Danes are major underdogs for this game. Can they win? Sure! Crazier things have happened in sports after all.

We aren't insane enough to bet our actual money on UA, but you better believe we'll be pulling for them this Friday. 

Let's go Danes!