With news of former ace Johan Santana re-tearing the anterior capsule in his left shoulder flooding paper stands around the salty Metropolitan streets, Mets fans/brass/teammates are once again crying for answers. WHY US!?

Amazin' captain David Wright called it "shocking and disheartening;" The cashier at the corner deli called "Ay, Jesus Christos!" Even the sweatered pitbull that sits outside of Citi Field with a lit cigar called it "ruff."

The Mets may have an influx of promising youngsters climbing the ranks, yet there is a melancholy feel about the recent past that has left a bad taste in fans' mouths. We still owe Bobby Bonilla about 25 annual payments of $1.9 million (through 2035), and he's been retired for 12 years. We just paid Jason Bay $21 million NOT to play for us this season. We essentially paid $137 million for a no-hitter and nothing else. Oh, and how could we forget...our mascot looks like a testicle!!

Bet most of you wish you took the red pill, huh?

(Image via nationalpostsports.tumblr.com)