Look at this. Look long and hard. See something wrong with this picture? Yeah, you do. The Boston Celtics led last night's game by 12 points at in the first quarter, and ESPN, in all of their infinite wisdom, credits LeBron with the early hot hand.

I don't care if LeBron had all 19 of the Heat's points and was AT the free throw line when this was written - the person who wrote it needs to find a new profession, and get off of LeBron's jock strap. 

There are dozens of other things you could have said - "Short-handed Celtics lead Heat by 12 in 1st". "Paul Pierce leads undermanned Celtics in impressive early effort against the Heat". "LeBron is NOT currently winning". ANYTHING ELSE WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE!

ESPN has slowly transformed before our eyes into E!SPN. As they continue to marinate in the sweat of Darrelle Revis, Tim Tebow and LeBron James day in and day out, the only hope we can have as sports fans is that a legitimate sports news network will soon overtake ESPN's Superstar Slobberfest. 

This is, quite frankly disgusting.

Images via espn.com