The New York Jets are on the brink of a playoff berth, only needing a win over the Bears on Sunday to clinch. Unfortunately, there appears to be another off the field issue clouding the team, Rex Ryan's foot-fetish. It seems elementary and unimportant to the game of football and it is. The videos Ryan and his wife made are slightly disturbing and make it clear he has a foot fetish... but who cares? Can the media just leave the Jets alone? His foot fetish, true or not (seemingly true when Ryan labeled it a personal matter), has nothing to do with football. Braylon Edwards' arrest earlier in the season wasn't football related but it was a legal issue, which can affect one's status in the NFL. A foot fetish doesn't apply. Let the man live his life and let his personal matters stay between he and his wife. Just another shot taken at the Jets, they'll look to silence everyone this coming Sunday. If they beat the bears, the media will go in a frenzy but this time it won't be a personal matter.