The big sweaty hold out from the summer finally got what was coming to him. Perennial whiner Albert Haynesworth has been suspended without pay for the remainder of the season by head coach Mike Shanahan. Shanahan has suspended him citing "Conduct detrimental to the club, refusal to listen to the coaching staff, and not abiding by the terms of his contract"

This is undoubtedly the final straw that will destroy his chances of remaining on the team, and that was already unlikely. The Redskins basically threw $41 million in guaranteed money into the toilet when he signed his contract, this suspension is basically just hitting 'Flush'.

The ballyhooed signing back in the spring of 2009 was met with controversy, as Redskins owner Dan Snyder was taking a well documented complainer, locker room problem, and me-first player and turning him into the highest paid defensive player in the league. Said contract guaranteed the tackle $41 million and was potentially worth $100 million. What Snyder failed to realize was that Haynesworth is not a Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, or Larry Fitzgerald. Guys like those will take their huge contract extensions and still play like it is their rookie season. Sweaty Haynesworth on the other hand, was happy to take his money, grab a double bacon cheeseburger, and stop playing period. For a player to be worth that kind of money, they can't just be physically good, they have to be leaders and improve the team overall.

After his signing in '09, Haynesworth was basically a non-factor last season, plagued by both injuries and his own unwillingness to put his heart in the game. His brash and outspoken manner was certainly one of the factors that led to the ousting of former coach Jim Zorn. Two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan on the other hand, has a reputation for not allowing his players to oppose him. Just ask Jake Plummer. When Shanahan came to Washington, he brought with him a vision of changing the Redskins to a 3-4 defense, a move which Haynesworth immediately opposed, citing that the new scheme would hurt his stats. Not that he couldn't play a 3-4, but that he wouldn't get enough stats playing nose with only 2 other D-linemen. In protest, Haynesworth sat out the first few minicamps and OTA's.

Shanahan of course, was having none of Haynesworth's childlike antics, and immediately set forth a public conditioning test which he probably knew the lazy Haynesworth would fail, and he promptly did. This public humiliation created an irreconcilable rift between player and coach, and the season thus far has just been plagued with more bad blood between the two of them. It has all led up to this week after the Giants game when Haynesworth told Redskins GM Bruce Allen that he will not speak to Shanahan anymore. Now Haynesworth's time with the Redskins is all but over.

For some players, one might hope they land on their feet, but Fat Albert deserves no more respect than Mr. Purple Drank himself, Jamarcus Russell, and maybe even less respect at that.