It seems like a tidal wave has hit the usually optimistic and positive Gang Green. The season began with such promise and at 9-2 most believed the New York Jets had the season under control and the playoffs in their near future. Those same fans are now questioning the team's recent play and the flustered lack of confidence from the face of the franchise, Mark Sanchez. Be realistic. Sanchez isn't ready to carry this team, amidst a recently struggling run game and questionable pass-blocking. The Jets will prosper with an elite defense and a dominating running game that now needs their offensive line more than ever.

Fans began to cringe after the game against the Lions in week 9. Close to a loss in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Jets were saved by a Nick Folk field goal. The game was ugly as Braylon Edwards and Dustin Keller had catches pryed away by defenders for statistical interceptions. The next week in Cleveland against the Browns was the same story, with an overtime touchdown by Santonio Holmes securing the win. Lacking a dominant victory, the Jets still compiled inspirational wins that built team spirit, so it seemed.

The poor play caught up to the Jets as the Patriots held their ground with a 45-3 trampling that broke the Jets' spirits. Perspiration omnipresent, fans and players seem to be at a loss for words. Even their chatty and colorful head coach has been subtly avoiding the media, aside from his burial of the ball used during the loss to the Patriots.

Their games have been slightly less entertaining than watching a microwave timer dwindle. Sanchez has no confidence, Ladainian Tomlinson isn't getting holes to squirt through or accurate chucks to allow him to run after the catch and the offensive line has lost its swagger. All good teams have hick-ups, but unless they start playing with some pizzazz and heart, it could be an epic fail towards the playoffs.

They can turn it around and they need to, but will they? To add insult to injury, their strength coach, Sal Alosi, was suspended for the season for tripping the Dolphins' Nolan Carroll. It will be a tough climb to the top with games against the 10-3 Steelers and 9-4 Bears, as well as their week 17 battle against the fiery Bills, who refuse to be called pushovers.

In the end, the season is in the Jets' control. Find the dominant offensive line that has become the cream of the crop and that will instill energy in the whole team. Last year they were a team that surged in the second half, now it seems to be the opposite. The real Gang Green will show their grit in the coming weeks and will define what team they are right now. As Broadway Joe Namath said, "First I prepare, then I have faith." Only time will tell how much faith the Jets have.