Yesterday was a bittersweet victory for the University of Louisville as they defeated Duke to advance tot the Final Four, thanks to a calamitous and horrifying leg injury to Kevin Ware, making Joe Theismann's injury look like a walk in the park.

Ware went up to block a 3 point shot by Duke near the end of the first half, landing brutally on his leg, which buckled under him immediately.

With the bone protruding out of his leg, several of Ware's teammates dropped to the court in tears, while some of those on the bench actually vomited right there on the floor.

While being carried off the court, Ware was actually screaming "WIN THE GAME" to his teammates. You gotta admire the moxy on this guy - a real team player. We at J.Z Sports wish him a speedy and effective recovery.

Be warned, the video below is graphic and disturbing.