Though the J in JZSports is an unabashed raging Giants fan, Zack is simply too overcome with joy to even type, so here we are. Despite my allegiance and persistent stream of abuse towards them, I am a New Yorker and have nothing against the Jets. I happen to like them.

Some of you Jets fans out there are probably tearing your hair out over the loss of Darelle Revis - please don't. Your team is much better off because of it. The Jets get the #13th overall pick in next week's draft, in ADDITION to a fourth-round pick in 2014 that has almost a 100% chance of becoming a  third-rounder instead. All Revis has to do is be on the Bucs by the second week of March in 2014...and considering they just gave up the aforementioned first-rounder, that seems like a no brainer. As if that wasn't enough, the Bucs just saddled themselves with a massive contract to Revis, which the cap-loving John Idzik correctly wanted no part of.

Darelle Revis is a malcontent, a bad apple in your locker room. He's the type of guy who inadvertently causes impressionable young prospects to think that they are bigger than the team. Revis never learned that the player works for the organization - not vice versa. You know you're in for a headache when a guy is holding out as a rookie; but when he does that two more times in four years? That's not a person who is likely to change his ways. Revis has always been about the money, and in the NFL your impact players need to be about the wins.

Look at the contract he just got from the Buccaneers - six years, $96 million. Oh hi, isn't $96 mil what the Denver Broncos are giving to PEYTON MANNING?? Sorry, don't care how good Revis thinks he is, how good Rex Ryan thinks he is, or how good Tampa thinks he is - you give that money to a guy who can take you to the Super Bowl single-handed. That person will never be a cornerback. Granted, his new contract has no guaranteed money, but we all know he'll see at least two years of it thanks to that 1st round pick. Regardless of the delusions of both he and his agent, Revis has never been worth $16 million per year. Even if that were possible for a corner, he never will be either after his 2012 ACL injury.

The Jets can now overhaul their draft strategy next week. They can use the #9 pick on an impact pass-rushing prospect, like Barkevious Mingo or Jarvis Jones, or even grab NT Star Lotulelei if he drops down to #9. It can always happen if teams in the top 8 get QB-happy. After that, they can use the #13 pick to draft a solid offensive line prospect, or *GASP* a SECOND impact pass-rusher. if a couple of guys fall, they can snag two top quarterback-killing prospects within four picks of each other. Or they can choose to trade up for a prospect like Dion Jordan, or maybe trade down for additional picks.

The point is, the Jets have flexibility with the cap, the draft, two top-15 picks next week, and they rid themselves of a selfish diva who would accept nothing less than total overpayment. If you doubted John Idzik  at the time of his hiring, then rejoice Jets fans - there is a genius in your front office at last.