"There was no summer more significant to the New York Knicks future than in 2010. The LeBron James sweepstakes began and it was evident that his choices were the Chicago Bulls, his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Knicks.
Donnie Walsh was confident, with the perfect pitch in place to recruit him. Everything looking good, it all fell apart and James took his efforts to Miami where he is dominating with his all-star tandem of Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade, who is the face of the Heat franchise. The Knicks settled for a power forward who is only second in the league in scoring right now with 26.4 points per game. 
After Amare Stoudemire signed with the Knicks, he proclaimed to the NBA world that the Knicks were back. Well, they have made that clear this year. At 22-19, they are the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference and have beaten the likes of the San Antonio Spurs and New Orleans Hornets. It took a last second shot by Paul Pierce for the Boston Celtics to scrape by. They are playing with toughness and vigor.Whether they win or lose the game, their play is always exhilarating. 
With their new-found attitude and fearless play, the Knicks are making noise in the NBA and other teams are taking note. Whether they make the postseason or not this season, albeit a catastrophic collapse, the Knicks are to be feared next season and in the future. It's an exciting time for Knicks fans. Here's why."
Second article for bleacher report, enjoy. Knicks are back. To read the full article, click here.