Read NY Times Article: Losses Aside, Giants Unlikely to Fire Tom Coughlin by Judy Battista

     Hey there, gang! Bill Eckert here. I wanted to give a quick blurb regarding the Giants’ season deflation. Clearly there were too many factors in play this week that kept them from making it into the post season. With their collapse in the Eagles game two weeks ago, their loss last week to the Green Bay Packers and their need for Rodgers and the Packers to lose to the Chicago Bears this week, the G-Men were forced to take the long trip home from their victory in Washington to sit out the post season. This, however, isn’t about the Giants’ losses. This is about the effect those losses will have on the future of the coaching staff.
     As you faithful JZ Sports readers may recall, my pop threw the Giants and their Christmas ornaments out the window (figuratively) after they embarrassed their fans in their loss to Philly. He has since expressed his desire to see the G-Men’s coaching staff hit the bricks. This isn’t news, as Giants fans have been screaming for Coughlin’s release, saying that the Giants need a severe change in their philosophy.
     Judy Battista wrote a wonderful and very comprehensive analysis of where Coughlin and his crew stand and why in Saturday’s NY Times. She believes that they’re safe at home and after reading it through, I can understand why (though I don’t see change as a bad thing). 
     Pop said that he finds it, as a fan, embarrassing and disheartening to see this team start with such promise, only to fall apart. “All the lost opportunities,” he said, his voice changing its pitch with a twinge and a crack. “The interceptions, the fumbles, lost yardage . . .” It’s been three years since their Super Bowl Championship and they have had deconstructive seasons since, pop said in a tone that was just slightly strained for a fella who has ceased emotional attachment to the G-Men and now watches as a free agent. It’s OK, pop; we can’t just easily toss our feelings aside after years of investment. He did have one bit of advice for the Big Blue’s front office. “As an owner, you have to get a contract that gives them (the coaching staff) two years to get a [Super Bowl] Championship, otherwise they have to go. If they get the Championship, they get a renewed contract.”
     Dear ol’ dad might be on to something. It might make for a more exciting franchise to see these coaches truly fight for their positions. Hell, we wonder where Andy Reid would be today, as a guy who has never won a Super Bowl. What’s he doing in Philly to keep his job?