"Don't stop mangling your Spanish quite yet, though. Ochocinco hasn't filed the paperwork yet for the name change and has gone back on this promise before. In 2009, he said he'd change it back if Darrelle Revis(notes) shut him down in a game. Revis did and Ochocinco didn't follow through." 
                                                                                         ~ Chris Chase, Yahoo Sports
The chatty wide receiver finds a way to claim more attention. Chad Ochocinco is changing his surname back to Johnson, looking for a new start. After consistent riffs with his Head Coach, Marvin Lewis, number 85 seems to be on the cusp of a release or trade from Cincinnati. After the most unproductive streak of his career, under the name Ochocinco, Johnson will look to find his old form. Once feared by defensive backs, he has no longer been a threat and recruited his buddy Terrell Owens to improve the offense. After one year, T.O. seems to be on his way out as well. To read the full story, click here.