On Saturday night, the only person as unhappy as the New Orleans Saints and their fans was Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix. Nix surely watched angrily from his couch, as the running back he traded away railroaded one of the NFL's more vaunted defenses for a 67-yard touchdown run, all but sealing one of the greatest postseason upsets of all time.

Lynch started off strong in the NFL with consecutive 1,000 yard seasons after being drafted number 12 overall by the Bills in 2007, citing being in "Beast Mode" during games as the reason for his success. However, the beast was tamed in 2009 when he ran into legal troubles and injuries, resulting in a meager 450 yard season on 125 carries.

The legal issues and slowed production caused Buddy Nix to trade him to the Seahawks 3 games into the 2010 season, where he again had a subpar year as the Seahawks went 7-9 and miraculously won their division. However, Beast Mode emerged once again with 3:37 to go in the Wild Card game against the heavily favored Saints. In a play designed to run the clock down, the Beast decided to break out of its cage. Trucking through linebackers and defensive linemen, Lynch roared into the secondary, tossing Tracy Porter with a powerful stiff arm and putting on a burst of speed to roll into the endzone, looking like the back everyone knew he was at Cal. The run caused such an uproar at Qwest field that a nearby seismic monitoring station registered it as a small earthquake.

The Seahawks can only hope that the Beast is here to stay as they travel to Chicago to face the 2-seed Bears. The fans, the coaches, the teammates, everyone wants to see that moment this week where the Beast will roar, and somewhere in Buffalo, I'm sure Buddy Nix is using a photo of C.J Spiller as a dartboard.