We all know that there has never been any love lost between the New England Patriots and New York Jets - these organizations like each other about as much as Jonathan Vilma likes Roger Goodell.

The never-ending feud took a new twist this week, when the Patriots announced one of the strangest and most obviously belligerent offseason moves in recent memory - the signing of New York Jets castoff Tim Tebow.

Could Bill Belichick be trolling the Jets any harder? Signing Jake Ballard off waivers after the Giants beat him in the Super Bowl was one thing - but this is a whole new level of "go screw yourself". What purpose could Belichick have for Tebow, other than to aggravate the Jets by having him on the sidelines and maybe playing a snap or two at fullback in their two games this season? This stinks of Belichick and Robert Kraft wanting nothing more than to stick it to Gang Green just for shits and giggles.

Granted, if anyone can take the hilariously untalented Tebow and make him useful, it would be the Hoodie. At least he's got a better shot at it than the 600-pound duo of Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano. Maybe Tebow will actually develop into a decent position player under the Patriot system. However, if anyone is delusional enough to think he'll get a better shot at QB reps in New England than he did in New York is sorely mistaken.

Maybe the Patriots will use him as a receiver.....

Ok, then maybe a coin toss captain...

Hey, at least he's a good sport!

End of story....this is pretty laughable. Good luck to all parties.