While most fans cling to their couches in preparation of their favorite team's games, there are those who get just as vicious an adrenaline rush by placing their own wager regarding the score or final outcome.

Not only has sports betting become an integral part of society, but it's begun to play a significant role in the sports world itself. For the deprived fans of losing teams and the expectant diehards of prolific franchises, betting has become a serious aspect of every game.

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Betting may seem like a risky chance to some, but it's a worthy activity for most. For casual fans, betting can present a reason to watch the game or an intriguing extra element for any matchup. For the hardcore fans in sports, betting can act as an expected profit or an added incentive to care.

As betting takes over the world of sports, fans will continue to study their teams, research the expected matchups and place their wagers.

It's only a matter of time before fans can automatically place a bet by clicking the remote.