Thanks for the post from Al Mills

Saving money has become a game in our house and it’s actually been a lot of fun. The kids don’t necessarily understand why they’ve had to give up so many of their favorite things but they’re participating and it’s actually helping us get by paycheck to paycheck right now until my husband’s able to find a new job. I love him to death but it was hard on all of us when he got laid off last year and we’ve been working to recover ever since. We sold the second car and looked for some good dish deals so we wouldn’t disrupt the kids’ lifestyle too much and I know we’ve cut back on our general shopping and whatnot. I know that my husband feels bad he can’t do more but at the end of the day he’s a wonderful man and I’m so proud of what all he’s been able to accomplish for us. It won’t be long before we get back on our feet and I’m sure of it!