Here we are people. The major crossroads for the New York Giants and New York Jets. Both of our city's teams need to scrape out a win today to keep their destinies in their own hands.

The Jets have the favorable game against the Kansas City Chiefs, though the Chiefs are now firmly settled into the spoiler role after upsetting the Chicago Bears last weekend. A loss here would hurt badly due to the Chiefs being a conference opponent, where the Jets have not fared quite as well this season as they have against NFC teams. Recent history tells us that this is right where the Jets should get hot for a playoff run, and they had better hope Mark Sanchez sticks to that formula today. Fact: Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan have yet to miss the playoffs together.

The New York Giants' season is more on the line tonight. A loss to the division rival Cowboys while already sitting a game behind in the NFC East could seal the deal for the Giants, not to mention Tom Coughlin and his staff. Recent history tells us that this is the part of the season where the Giants start to flop. They'll have to buck that trend if they want to avoid a three-year playoff drought. Fun fact: the last time the NYG lost a game to an undefeated team 38-35....they won every following game including the Super Bowl. Another fun fact: The last time the Giants lost the season opener (also to a division rival) as they did this year, they won the Super Bowl

Since the animosity will be running high when the Football Roommates of New York meet in a clash at the Meadowlands, today is a day where Giants and Jets fans need to give some mutual support. Let's face it: if you are a fan of the Jets or Giants, you at least know somebody who is a fan of the other team.

Show some support to New York Football this week everyone. Send a text, write a status, or just be happy for a touchdown. This is a day for New York football fans to come together.