It seems like only yesterday we were fretting over whether there would even be a 2011 NFL season. We got one, and somehow it's already just about finished.

With Week 16 in the books, it is about time to start taking a long hard look at the playoffs.

There are only a few berths left to decide, so Week 17 will be mostly about positioning. The upcoming playoff picture is an interesting one no matter how you look at it, with the Detroit Lions in their first postseason since 1999 and the Houston Texans in their first since—ever.

Between the 12 teams in the playoffs, there are a few possible matchups that should be on everyone's holiday wish list, along with a throng of games that would cause the salivation of NFL fans everywhere.

Here they are.

A Bleacher Report list of the potential playoff matchups for this season that would make for some classic games. Written by Jake Silver