One year after posting their first non-losing season since 2003 (8-8), the Oakland Raiders seem to have more on their minds than improving to a 9-7 winning record.

Starting quarterback Jason Campbell went down on Sunday with a broken collarbone against the Browns, putting the Raiders' strong 2011 start and playoff hopes in jeopardy. After starting the season 4-2 and keeping pace with the San Diego Chargers for the AFC West, things were not looking bright with a possible Kyle Boller/Terrelle Pryor-run offense.

That's where veteran former Bengals QB Carson Palmer comes in. The Raiders traded away their 2012 first round pick and their 2013 second round pick, which becomes a first rounder if they ever actually make the AFC Championship game.

Here's the problem: Jason Campbell will be back in six weeks. What happens when he returns? An organization does not spend one-potentially two- first round picks on a fill-in quarterback.
Like it or not, the Oakland Raiders have just brought in their new franchise quarterback.

This means that Jason Campbell's tenure in Oakland is essentially done, unless he's willing to back up Carson Palmer. He has been a good Raider, of that there is no doubt, but Palmer is the better signal caller by far.

But why would the Raiders pay such a steep price? You don't shell out multiple first rounders unless you think a guy can bring you a championship...and that's a bit of a jump from eight seasons of not even making the playoffs.

Whether they intend to try and honor Al Davis with a title on the year of his death, or if they believe they have a shot at the Lombardi trophy within the next couple of seasons is anyone's guess.

One thing is certain: Palmer will have to bring them far, or heads are going to roll. This team REALLY isn't going to get any younger now.

This organization wants to "Just Win Baby". Clearly they believe Palmer can do that for them.

Sorry Jason. Maybe Seattle will give him a shot.