Beach Season is over, but keeping yourself in good shape is a 365-day job. There are no lockouts, no playoffs, and no breaks.

If you're like us here at JZSports, you're not just a sports fan, you like to play as well. If you want to keep yourself in top competitive shape, 90 Day Review will help you do that and more. The in depth workout from the P90X routine will get you ripped in 90 days, and includes a comprehensive diet guide to help you achieve your goals.

The 90 Day Review boxed set includes 12 DVDs, each one encompassing a different workout for a different part of your body. The progression of difficulty and muscle groups is specifically designed to maximize workout efficiency. From the flexibility and balance exercises on the "Kenpo X" DVD, to the 16 minute rage of "Ab Ripper X", 90 Day Review is guaranteed to give you the workout of your life.

However, not everyone is so easily satisfied. For a thorough Extreme Body Workout, one must add to his collection of equipment to help tone up those muscles. P90X products are necessary to achieve the desired results.

Some people use the training regimen to look good for their significant others, some for the self-satisfaction they receive when they reach their goal and others for the ultimate Beach Body that is essential for their upcoming trip to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.

This Beach Body home workout video will change lives and attitudes forever.

This is a guest post provided by Fitness Alliance