"The Giants have yet to score more than four runs in a game this postseason, yet five games in, they are 4-1 and now hold an early lead over the mighty Phillies in the NLCS. That's a credit to their pitching staff, which has allowed just 2.4 runs per game and more than three runs just once in those five contests, each of which has been decided by just one run."
                                                                                                                            ~ Cliff Corcoran
                                                                                                                             Sports Illustrated

          Coming into the playoffs I believed that Philadelphia had the best pitching rotation with Halladay doing what he has continued to do for years, Cole Hamels causing a plethora of swings and misses, seemingly finding his groove and recently acquried Roy Oswalt, a bonafide number one starter, being able to play a more supporting role. With Superstar Tim Lincecum, hard-throwing Matt Cain and young phenom Madison Bumgarner carrying the Giants rotation, they definitely matched up well, however the Phillies' offensive lineup carried more muscle, all-around threats crowding the lineup.
          While they are 4-1 in the playoffs thus far, the Giants have yet to score more than four runs. Their pitching staff has supplied the team with all the power it needs, allowing 2.4 runs per game, while only giving up more than three runs once in five games. I expect Philly to pick it up and hit the baseball, yet the series will continue to be dominated by pitching.
            It is refreshing to see the game played by natural athletes, allowing pitching to have a serious impact and a scrappier game to be played.