~ Here is our first article by Jake Silver, who will be writing for this site as well. Read and enjoy his piece on Andy Reid's interesting season so far...

It is understandable for a head coach to become indecisive when he has two good quarterbacks on his roster. After all, that situation creates a lot of pressure to sit/start the right player, especially if the coach recently traded away one of the greatest quaterbacks of our time.
The only thing is, Andy Reid doesn't actually have this problem; there is only one good quarterback on the Eagles roster, and that player is Michael Vick. Kevin Kolb on the other hand, is at best a second-rate passer with potential to be a starting caliber quarterback in a few years with some serious work, and at worst a washout who should never get off the bench. I dont say this out of hatred for Kolb, the evidence is there.

Everyone loves to talk about how Kolb threw for 300+ yards in his first two starts in 2009, being the only player to ever do so. What people seem to forget is those games were against the Chiefs and the Saints; one team not exactly known for great defense, and the other with such an explosive offense the Eagles had no choice but to pass on every down. There was also the little game against the Ravens in 2008 where Kolb managed to throw 4 picks in 1 half, including a 108 yard pick 6. Oh yeah, I want him on my team....

With that in mind, this season has seen some of the strangest waffling by a head coach in recent memory. The season started off as expected, with Kolb as the starter and Vick getting some token snaps in the Wildcat formation to keep him quiet. Clay Matthews changed all of that in the blink of an eye. Kolb went down in game 1 with a concussion, and suddenly there was Vick, going 16/25 for 175 yards and a touchdown, while rushing for an additional 103 yards. This is all after Kolb got sacked several times and threw a pick.

Even after Vick's stellar performance, Andy Reid went to the press and confirmed that if Kolb was cleared to play, Vick would be riding the bench once again. Though Kolb wasn't cleared for week 2, Reid made it clear that he would play when the doctors gave the green light. Vick put up another fantastic game against the Lions, and still Andy Reid went with his golden boy. In the middle of the week between games 2 and 3, Reid shocked the world by announcing Vick was to start over Kolb, despite Kolb being cleared to play. This created locker room buzz, despite what the players said to the camera, don't be fooled into thinking there was no drama behind closed doors. Vick went on to another good performance against Jacksonville before getting hurt against the skins.

Obviously, Vick's rib injury had to keep him out for a few games, but the circumstances surrounding Kolb's start against the Titans in week 7 was fishy, especially since Vick basically said he felt ready to play. It is also a little too convenient that Vick now has his job back after Kolb performed poorly against Tennessee. It almost seems like Reid was pushing the envelope to give Kolb another chance, and if that's true, it cost the Eagles a win.

The problem here is that the flip flopping of quarterbacks is going to affect team chemistry and psyche. Quarterbacks and their wideouts need to practice together, and it screws up the recievers if they are practicing with a different guy every week.

The main issue is Reid's ego battling his common sense. Reid fought so hard, and made such controversial moves (read: McNabb) to get Kolb his job, its almost like Kolb is Reid's little pet project. His ego cant take it that his project was surpassed by a washout on his comeback. On the other hand, Reid knows deep down that Vick is the superior quarterback. His talk of possibly using both quarterbacks in equal capacity reveals the depth of his madness, as no sane man would use Kolb over Vick at this point.

Reid obviously has staked a lot in Kevin Kolb, but the way the Eagle's season is going right now, he'd better throw his chips in with Vick if he wants to avoid the hot seat.