"Rome wasn't built in one day." 
         ~ Lebron James, after loss to Celtics
          It was a strange game, seeming like a vivid dream that one waits to wake up from. While every sports blogger is discussing the Miami Heat's loss to the elderly Boston Celtics, I will continue to do the same. It was an awkward showing, the Heat looking tense and the Celtics displaying youth that I personally doubted they still had, even with 38-year-old Shaquille O'Neal manning the center position. Rondo, with 17 assists, albeit only four points, led the Celtic offense and got everyone involved. The Celtics, however, are a team that has meshed, having played together for four years now. The Heat haven't yet reached that level of comfort.
          During the 88-80 loss, the Heat committed 17 turnovers, eight from Lebron James and six from Dwayne Wade, and only had 15 assists, two less than Rondo had by himself. The Heat looked uncomfortable and most of their shots looked forced. Lebron didn't seem his explosive self, settling for contested jump shots and sloppy passes.
          After the Lebron signing (fiasco) in the off-season, most fans lost respect for him and his tainted legacy. Looking like a man who could transform the game of basketball with his ability and the legacy he was on the way to making, he decided he wanted to play with his buddies Wade and Chris Bosh and didn't care about having "his own team."
          If last night's game is any indication of how close the Heat are to jelling, they have some progress to make. I don't believe we should make too big a deal out of the first game of the season in an 82-game season, yet it is an interesting topic to discuss as basketball is a team sport and I am interested to see if three individual superstars can share the ball and win as a team or if they will continue to exist on their own islands, forcing shots, turning over the ball and continuously begging for more time.