"Cameron Hughes earns a six-figure salary for being the crazy, sometimes annoying, superfan in the stands."                                                        ~

One man is living the dream for all the young fans out there. Cameron Hughes has found the pot of gold, a euphoric situation. It is truly inspiring to know that a fan out there gets paid a six-figure salary to stimulate the crowd and produce team spirit. Teams ranging from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Los Angeles Lakers, teams pay him a nice check to be a fanatical and fervent fan. Once an aspiring actor, Hughes gets to act as himself and be a kid at a ball game passionately rooting for ‘his team.’ Home-team fans don’t know where his loyalties truly are as they change every gig, but he gets to bring the team spirit out of everyone every time. He’s a role model and an inspirational figure for fans in the team spirit spectrum of sports.