Wireless Internet has taken the world by storm. However, there are many of us who aren't bathing in riches. Some of us spend our hard-earned dollars on nosebleed football tickets or burnt steak at Outback, leaving us little room for additional spending sprees. For those of you looking to save that extra cash, it's time to check out copper.net for the planet's most reliable dial-up Internet since 1997.

We've all tried MSN, PeoplePC and even NetZero. With those services, getting booted off the Internet was no longer a frustration, but rather an expectation...Not copper.net.

This all-American owned and operated company has been specializing in dial-up & DSL Internet service in the United States and Canada since 1997, with roots back to 1994, at the most affordable prices we've seen since 99 cent stores were first flooding the rumor mill. Internet service start at $9.95/mo. for unlimited dial-up Internet access, statistically equivalent to buying a small cup of coffee every week; a routine we can certainly all relate to.

No longer are you required to empty your wallets for wireless. Dial-up is back with a vengeance; ready to reclaim the eager web surfers currently occupying computers worldwide. They naturally offer FREE customer service, e-mail, virus protection, pop-up blocker and spamblocker, while not requiring proprietary software and not tracking your online habits or selling your e-mail or personal information.

The best privacy protection in the business, compatibility with all major Internet browsers and email programs and elite spam and virus protection; what's not to love? Besides being able to quickly and cheaply log on just to read another LeBron vs. Jordan debate of course.