If you think you've been having a rough go at work recently, stop and consider the plight of the German Giant, Dirk Nowitzki. Just a year removed from hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy as the NBA champion, Dirk finds himself standing alone on top of a skeletal roster where the most recognizable name after his is Shawn Marion. Forgive the Western Conference for not shaking in their sneakers. 

Mark Cuban shot his team right in the collective foot in his mad bid to nab the Deron Williams/Dwight Howard combo. Kind of a questionable strategy considering the 2010/2011 Mavs won with a balanced, one-superstar roster. Their reeking desperation was rewarded with a Big Apple-loving D-Will snub, and an utter lack of assets to trade for the Dwightmare. 

Well, take a look at the image below. Even Jason Kidd deserted his buddy Nowitzki. So did Steve Nash. Now the Mavs are left chasing Ramon Sessions....everyone loves a cast off right? Cuban has effectively wasted one of the final years of Dirk's prime.

Somebody owes a 7-foot German a major apology.