Linsanity is officially over. Wait, wasn't it over when Jeremy Lin tore his meniscus in March and never suited up again? Even at "85 percent"? Oh yeah.

As Knicks fans, we don't quite know if we're happy with the loss of Lin. While we're Raymond Felton advocates at JZSports, it would have been nice to have both of them and stick the drunken Jason Kidd at shooting guard. After all, Lin gave us the best month of basketball Knicks fans have had since the 1999 playoffs. 

There is the luxury tax to consider, which would have brought Lin's total cost to $57 million. That translates into higher ticket prices. We get all of that. The only problem? Jim Dolan has never cared about overspending for players. Why the financial prudence now, when Mikhail Prokorov is trying to buy New York City? 

We just wish Dolan's decision to not match the Rockets' offer actually had a logical reason. Of course, there is no reason to expect logic from Dolan, the guy who took advice from Isiah Thomas on the Carmelo Anthony trade.

So Jeremy, we thank you for Linsanity. Seven games of awesomeness, 18 games of wow he's pretty good, and a month of "damnit he's made of tissue paper". We hope the Rockets treat you better than Dolan.