We've passed that 4:00 EST deadline. Now the madness begins. Just months after the summer free agent bonanza that followed the 2011 NFL lockout, we're finally back to the proper time for new free agents to sign with teams.

This free agent class is extremely loaded, featuring talents like Cortland Finnegan, Mario Williams, Carlos Rodgers, Vincent Jackson, Michael Bush and of course Peyton Manning. JZSports will be keeping you updated on major signings as they happen.

Amazingly, the first major move of this free agency period was not a signing, but a "trade". The Chicago Bears have just committed grand theft wideout, and literally mugged the Miami Dolphins at gunpoint by acquiring Brandon Marshall for two 3rd round picks.

Not only did the Bears manage to get Marshall for the minimal price, they reunite him with old teammate Jay Cutler. Both of them enjoyed their best statistical seasons playing together.

Marques Colston has agreed to stay in New Orleans with a 5-year deal worth $40 million, and cornerback Terrell Thomas has agreed to stay with the New York Giants for an undisclosed amount.

Stay tuned for more free agency updates!