This is certainly not the first time that the Miami Dolphins will be abused for making this "trade" of Brandon Marshall, and it won't be the last time either.

Sure, they suck. They have an anemic offense. Sure, their quarterback situation is in flux and they are relying on attracting a free agent quarterback. Hey, the franchise has had one good season in the last decade or so, and were really hoping to bring in Peyton Manning.

The OBVIOUS thing to do in this situation is to trade your best offensive player for 2 future third round picks!

I always thought Stephen Ross was crazy, but this confirms it. No wonder Bill Parcells quit on him. All we can say to Joe Philbin is...good fucking luck. I mean seriously? You couldn't have asked for a goddamn second round pick?

As for the Chicago Bears, they came out nicely from this bank
Not only have they reunited the dynamic duo of Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall, they have assured that the recovering Matt Forte will not have to carry the offensive load in the future. And they did all of this basically for free.

Needless to say, the race for the 2012 NFC North title just went from a Detroit-Green Bay duel to a royal rumble that includes Da Bears.