Cam Newton had no shortage of detractors coming into the NFL. Many who follow the NFL (including myself), stated that Newton would have severely stunted development if he was selected No. 1 overall by the Carolina Panthers and thrust into the starting role.

Given the prospect of a rough transition to being an NFL starter, it was ubiquitously assumed that the Panthers would let their running game handle the bulk of the offensive workload early on.

Instead, Cam Newton shocked the world on Sunday, coming out and shattering Peyton Manning's rookie record for passing yards in an NFL debut game. Newton passed for 422 yards with two touchdowns and a pick while going 24-of-37 and leaping into the endzone for a 1 yard score.

Against the weak and beleaguered Arizona Cardinals' defense, Newton looked poised and calm in the pocket, making phenomenal throws previously thought to be outside of his skill range.

Cam Newton has now become all the rage on the waiver wire in fantasy football, though the question remains whether or not he can keep up that level of play.

The rookie quarterback is in for a reality check against the extremely potent Green Bay Packers defense next Sunday.

Only time will tell if game 1 was a fluke of the Cardinal secondary, or if Cam is going to be the next big thing.

Only one thing is certain: he shattered and surpassed all hopes, dreams, doubts, and expectations for his NFL debut.

Keep an eye on Cam in the coming weeks folks. He could be going somewhere.