There's something about calmly cruising down a mountain of clear whiteness, with only fluttering snow and a wide array of skinny trees in your way, that truly gets the blood flowing, and the senses alert. To snowboard takes discipline, focus and immense balance that can only be exerted by experienced enthusiasts.

As we have discovered with this video, the perfect way to approach the sport is to have a helicopter film all the mountain runs, as well as relaxing zen-like music being performed in the background. The sunset needs to be just above the rim of the skyline and the snow effortlessly flat.

The snowboard is a gentle creature, unable to dictate the speed or difficulty at which one dreams of performing at, but only sits back as the rider makes sure he can stand on two feet. The euphoric feeling that comes with a ride down the clear and intricate mountains that allow for the best slopes is something only those with experience can truly understand. But it needs to be felt by all those deprived souls who have yet to hit the slopes.

The snowboard is an instrument for relaxation and clearing of the mind, as it gives riders the opportunity to release bad tension and stress on a welcoming mountain. Snow has that effect.