It's been a little over a year since Carmelo Anthony arrived in New York City with fanfare that shook the foundations of New York basketball. His coming was supposed to herald a new era of winning Knicks basketball.

As we all know, it didn't quite turn out that way....yet.'

On Easter Sunday at the Garden on national television, Anthony finally delivered the performance they brought him here for. Dropping 43 points (his career-high as a Knick),
Melo literally willed the 'Bockers to victory over the top-seeded Bulls, and delivered what will eventually be two of the defining moments of his Knick career.

The game-tying three sent the Garden into an understandable frenzy with 11 seconds to go...but he couldn't do that twice right?

Wrong. After all the drama and all the doubts (including our own here at JZSports), his 27-foot game winning bomb in OT gave him every right to proclaim "THIS IS MY HOUSE".

If he keeps this up, it just might be. That game-winner could prove to be the moment he finally won over the fans of New York City.