I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

We were comparing different Texas Business Electricity rates so that we could make sure we chose the best option. Really, we probably did more research than we needed to in order to make a decision. My parents were big time planners and small spenders when I was growing up. They tried to teach me to be frugal with my money and smart when I did invest in something. Really, our family hardly enjoyed things like going out to eat every weekend or going to see a movie. The year we went to see a movie on Christmas day was one I will never forget. My sisters and I were completely shocked to get such a treat that they were unaccustomed to giving. My sisters and I have picked up some of our parents’ behaviors with money. My oldest sister, for example, cannot go on a vacation without planning every single detail and researching prices and deals to ensure she got the best one. I am not one to plan every detail of a vacation. Vacations are for relaxing after all. What I was lucky to learn was to check rates and make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, as my dad always said.