Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

We have two wonderful dogs in our home. I call them my fur babies and whenever someone asks me how many kids I have, I always says four. I have two that have two legs and two that have four legs. My dogs are very protective of our home and us. If someone comes to the door they do not recognize, they will let us know it in a heartbeat. I consider them our first line of defense because they love to bark and they will wake up the entire neighborhood. They are more than defense though. They also keep my feet warm in the winter and they are great babysitters. They make sure that the 3 year old does not wander out of the house and they make great fashion models for the 5 year old. I was sitting at home one night and I decided to go online to to see if they were some tips on there to incorporate my dogs into the our entire home security. There were some great tips we are going to use for the fur babies.