The one-week offseason rages on today, as several more prominent players have been signed, traded, and released.
We already talked about the power play by the New England Patriots to bring in both Chad Ochocinco and Fat Albert Haynesworth, but what else has happened around the league today?

-The Reggie Bush era finally ended in New Orleans today, as the Saints traded him away to Miami for undisclosed draft picks and safety Jonathon Amaya. The undersized, overpaid running back finally is taking the pay cut he should have gotten a long time ago, and the Dolphins add a flashy runner to their flashy offense. If they re-sign just one of their current free agent halbacks (Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams), they'll have a decent running game and an excellent punt returner in Bush. All they would need after that to make the status of mediocre would be a quarterback.

-Steve Breaston is reportedly leaving the Arizona Cardinals for the Kansas City Chiefs. This is great for Kansas City and bad for Arizona, who now have one less target for new acquisition Kevin Kolb to throw to. The Chiefs add a legitimate No. 2 receiver alongside all-pro Larry Fitzgerald, and we can expect to see that already formidable Chief offense ramp it up a notch in 2011.

-The long-awaited Kevin Kolb trade has finally gone down. The Philadelphia Eagles receive cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round draft pick, while the Cardinals get a franchise signal caller...or at least they hope so. They sure paid him like one. (5 years, $63 Million. Not bad for a guy with only 7 starts)

-Vince Young was released by the Tennessee Titans and is now looking for work. Whoo-freakin-who.

-For all you fellow Giants fans out there, Matthias Kiwanuka has been re-signed by the New York Giants. This bodes great for the defense, and bad for the offense. Kiwanuka is a phenomenal defensive asset, but I'm not sure where the cap space is coming from to re-sign Steve Smith, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Kevin Boss. Or any of them for that matter. Uh-oh. Still, it gives New York versatility at end and linebacker and lessens the chance that Osi walking will kill the defense.

-The Giants officially cut Rich Seubert, Shawn Andrews, Shaun O'Hara, and Madison Hedgecock, freeing up extra cap space to sign their top free agents.

-Jets Wildcat QB, kick returner and WR Brad Smith agreed to a deal with the Buffalo Bills today, for 4 years worth $15 million. This is definitely a possible overpayment, especially given that the Bills had almost no need of Brad Smith. Offense is not their problem. He probably gets a little satisfaction going to the Bills, as the Jets have spurned everybody but Santonio Holmes in their pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugha.

-The Saints have reached an agreement with Darren Sproles to replace Reggie Bush. Well done just replaced one speedy undersized back with another. I guess they saved a little money at least.

-Jason Babin has reached an agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles, ending any Cullen Jenkins/Ray Edwards speculation, and shoring up their already formidable pass rush.

-The agreement of the day was between the Houston Texans and Johnathan Joseph. The Texans had the league's worst pass defense in 2010, and were desperately searching for a way to fix that. In signing Joseph, the Texans might have my vote for the signing of the offseason. This is perfect for them in every imaginable way. Joseph is younger than Nnamdi Asomugha by 3 years, he has more interceptions over the last few seasons (14 vs 11), and he comes at maybe two-thirds Nnamdi's price (5 years for $43 million). The Texans made a beautiful play and will be rewarded.

Their defense now features a top-5 cornerback in Joseph, plus Mario Williams, Brian Cushing, Demeco Ryans, and rookies J.J Watt and Brooks Reed. Combine that defensive squad with their explosive offense, and the Texans are suddenly a Wild Card contender at the very least, and maybe even the favorite in the AFC South. Great job by the Houston front office.

Thats all we have for this free agency update at JZSports, stay tuned tomorrow for what is sure to be another crazy day!