"He gets to do whatever he wants to. Whatever he does, we have no choice but to live with it."                        - cornerback Terence Newman on owner Jerry Jones

According to sources on ESPN.com, Dallas Cowboys' head coach Wade Phillips has been fired by Jerry Jones and co. Less than a year ago he was given a 2-year extension after leading the Cowboys to their first playoff win in ten years. Jerry Jones claimed to be deterred from firing Phillips mid-season because of the low success rate of interim coaches, but after the 45-7 beating they took from the Green Bay Packers last night, the straw broke.

This seems like a move that should have been made a long time ago. Sure, their overrated quarterback is hurt and they are ridden with injuries, however they have too much talent to have gone 1-6 before Romo was knocked out of last week's game against the steaming Giants. Keep in mind that I am the Jets fan, as opposed to Jake (the Giant fan), so in no way am I biased. This is the right move for the 1-7 Cowboys. It's the only move at this point to make for a team that is falling apart and needs a spark. Phillips had lost control of this team and in my opinion hasn't had control in any of their loses during his reign as head coach for "America's team." Check the story about Wade Phillips out for yourself.